Maya Ramsay

Maya Ramsay uses unique techniques to lift surfaces from politically and historically important sites. For the past ten years Maya has been focussing on sites that have a relationship to conflict, bringing the materiality of conflict closer to the viewer.

Her latest project, Countless, includes a series of rubbings made from the graves of unnamed migrants who died whilst trying to reach Europe by boat. Migrants’ graves are usually marked with numbers rather than names as the majority of their bodies are unidentified.

Presented alongside the rubbings from the graves, are rubbings of the names that are painted on the sides of migrants’ boats. Migrants’ boats are usually marked with the name of the boat owner or religious phrases such as ‘In God We Trust’.

The project also includes found objects and photographic and film footage from the sites where the work was made.

The Countless project was funded by the Arts Council ‘Grants for the Arts’ programme.

Graphite rubbing from the grave of a migrant who died at sea, 2016, Maya Ramsay

Migrant boat, 2017, Maya Ramsay