Francis Wardale


In my painting the physicality of strong colours and heavily impastoed surfaces is tempered and constrained by careful drawing. Currently I am engaged on a project for a series of painting entitled Turn.

Turn will be a series of 64* paintings. Each will feature two standing figures painted somewhat over life size. The figure in the background of one painting will be in turn the figure in the foreground of the next forming a chain through the whole series. Each figure is in the same pose in both paintings but is turned to be at a different angle in the second one. Turning the figure in 45º steps gives 8 different angles (front, quarter right, profile right etc). With two figures the number of possible different combinations is 64.

Two figures in a painting implies some interaction between them. I am trying not to impose any narrative myself – I work from the models individually – but I am happy to accept that people will turn them into stories.

*If I ever finish it completely – I do have an escape plan so I can finish it early!

Gerry and Keira (work in progress)

Keira and Ursula (work in progress)